Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Canadian Cable Giant Mulls New Fees To Curb 'Bandwidth Hogs'

Those rat bastards. Well, I knew this day would eventually come; for most high-bandwidth users, their fat pipe is barely used for much more than casual surfing and e-mails. For hardcore maniacs, though, it's all about snagging music, videos, games, and programs. That's right - this whole thing is about file-sharing programs like Morpheus, Kazaa, and Audiogalaxy. You want to download the latest pirated videos and games? You're gonna pay for it. Still cheaper than buying the real thing, sure, but Rogers Cable figures, if you're going to break the law, why can't we get a cut?

All I can say is that they better have a bandwidth meter for their users so we know how much we have left each month. I wouldn't want to be 10 MB away from finishing my download of Lord of the Rings only to find that I've incurred an extra forty bucks in bandwidth fees.


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