Tuesday, March 27, 2001

'Survivor' scandal in Australia

Quote: "Australia's defense minister is demanding an inquiry into how the air force blew hundreds of thousands of dollars flying contestants in the reality television show "Survivor" to a remote forest."

The total cost, according to the defense minister, was about $150,000 US. What they should do is send the bill to CBS. I mean, let's be realistic here, it was CBS's show that wanted the plane, and they probably sell 30 second ads on 'Survivor' for 25 grand apiece, so six commercials later, the bill is paid off. I just can't believe they stuck the Australian air force with the bill. Everybody wants to have a close brush with fame, I guess. I think it would be like if Tom Hanks showed up at your front door, asked to borrow your car, got into an accident, and stuck you with the repair bills. A lot of us would be so star-struck that we'd pay the bill without thinking about it.


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