Friday, March 16, 2001 - Sci-Tech - Could hydrogen be the fuel of the future? - March 16, 2001

Man, I hope so. BMW has built a small fleet of hydrogen-powered cars that look and drive just like regular cars (the range is about half, though) in the hopes of convincing people that this cheap and clean fuel is the wave of the future. I don't need convincing; once industry and governments get behind this, we'll have hydrogen cars, buses, and airplanes before you know it. But wait - there's the problem. The oil industry has little interest in helping out alternative-fuel strategies, and they run nearly all the current gas stations. So it'll be a while before hydrogen cars start showing up on your block (at least ten years, I suspect). Still, it's nice to think about. Imagine that - cleaner air and cheaper fuel. Doesn't seem possible, does it?


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