Tuesday, March 13, 2001

CNNSI.com - NASCAR Plus - Winston Cup - Senate committee approves Earnhardt bill - Tuesday March 13, 2001 03:10 PM

The Orlando Sentinel was trying to get access to Dale Earnhardt's autopsy pictures, and the Senate committee's bill requires a judge's approval before the public & media can see anyone's autopsy photos.
My question is, who the hell wants to see these pictures? I've seen autopsy documentaries, and these procedures aren't pretty. I seriously doubt that any racing fan wants to have the image of Dale's mangled body as their last memory of the guy, and it's not like a newspaper could publish these photos anyway, so why the hell were they trying? I guess this is the same morbid media impulse that spurred the frenzied bidding for snapshots of Princess Di's corpse.
Leave Dale alone. Respect the privacy of his family, and respect the man. I'm glad this Senate committee gave the Orlando Sentinel a shove and told them to move along, nothing to see here. For once, government does the right thing.


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