Friday, March 02, 2001

Survivor: Australian Outback: Episode Six

Yes, it's me again with my weekly Survivor comment. :)

It's curious that there wasn't a camera on Michael when he inhaled the smoke, passed out, and fell into the fire. It made me wonder how many camera crews there were out there; I had assumed at least one crew for every two contestants, but I guess the crew assigned to Michael was following somebody else. Or, they did get footage of Michael falling into the fire, and it was too graphic to show on prime-time. (Survivor: Too Hot For TV!!!)

Wasn't it weird how Michael's fellow Kuchas stood on the riverbank while he flailed in the water with pain? Rodger kept yelling at him not to go deeper; hey, Rodg - would it have killed you to get your feet wet? I guess they were all in shock; up to this point, I'm sure everyone was living the illusion that it was all a game, and nobody actually gets hurt. Then Michael's accident brings them all back to reality. I wouldn't expect this to bring the Kuchas closer together, though; their new 'team resolve' won't last more than a couple of days before greed sets in again.

I like Colby. The Texan refuses to be played by anyone, and is suitably disgusted with Jerri's wishes to dip him in chocolate and eat him alive. (...said the spider to the fly.) Wasn't it great when he doused uber-bitch with water after their tribe lost the reward challenge? Across North America, 50 million people yelled in unison, "YEAH!!!"

Now the tribes are merging, and here is my prediction for who will make the final four. Keith, Colby, Nick, and Jeff. If the girls were smart, they'd band together and pick off the guys one by one, but that seems unlikely. Instead, since both tribes go into the merge at even strength, I think voting will go back and forth until the end. I expect Nick and Jeff are keeping their true physical abilities secret, and will try to win immunity challenges to stay alive, while Colby's vote is always sought after. Keith will use Jerri as a rallying point, and use the momentum to keep himself alive.

Or I could just be talking out of my ass. :) We'll see, won't we?


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