Friday, March 02, 2001 - Sci-Tech - Pentagon's latest weapon: a pain beam - March 2, 2001

To quote: "The Pentagon is touting a new "non-lethal" weapon designed to control threatening crowds by using a directed energy beam to inflict a painful but brief burning sensation."

Doesn't this sound like something a James Bond villain would concoct?
"I want one billion dollars deposited into my secret Swiss bank account, or I will fire my pain beam at the world's greatest city."
"Dr. Evil, you don't mean..."
"That's right: Cleveland, Ohio."

The Pentagon says they want to use this weapon during peacekeeping missions when deadly force is not an option (in other words, when the troops are in a country the U.S. wants to be allies with). I think that if they want to subdue and disperse rowdy crowds, the obvious tactic would be to fly in the Backstreet Boys for an impromptu concert. Well, now that I think about it, that might cause a riot.


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