Wednesday, April 04, 2001

CNEWS Law & Order - Woman sues airline over coffee burns

Quote: "Amos said she was traveling to Detroit from Washington, D.C., on March 6 when the full cup of hot coffee was spilled onto her lap. Amos said she told the flight crew she was in severe pain but they offered no first aid or ice. When she asked for cold water, she was told to get it from the bathroom faucet, she said."

Doesn't it seem like air travel is getting more and more nasty? Air rage, callous flight attendants, cramped seats, tasteless peanuts, airlines that herd you like cattle, and prices that make you wonder how anybody can afford to fly these days. Here in Canada, it's even more messed up, because we only have one national airline, and the resulting monopoly allows them to screw their customers in all sorts of creative ways. I say, give everybody a jetpack and let chaos reign. :)


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