Friday, April 20, 2001

A List

The A List is a summary of rumors, gossip, and nasty truths about celebrities, alive and dead, old and young. It's good for a laugh, although as the site creator tells you at the start, 'Believe what you want & reject the rest.' There were a couple that I really liked, though, so I'll reprint them here:

Bolton, Michael. Vain. Deserves a sound thrashing. (Amen.)

Coleman, Gary. Admitted virgin at age 30. Selling dates with himself over the Internet. Freak. (Indeed.)

Flatley, Michael. Hilariously vain and conceited dancer. One of several men for whom the phrase "GET OVER YOURSELF" was invented. Just divorced his wife. Voted one of the twenty most-hated people in Ireland. (Does anybody like this guy?)

Gifford, Kathie Lee. One of the foci of evil in the modern world. (Without a doubt.)

Kissinger, Henry. Sycophant to kings and presidents; is a corrupt, vain, amoral and oily would-be Richelieu on whose hands are the blood of millions. (Wow, tell us how you really feel!)

Minnelli, Liza. Pill popper. Booze-bag. Undead. (That really sums it up, doesn't it?)

Shore, Pauly. Really is as stupid as he appears to be. (I knew it!)


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