Friday, April 27, 2001

Survivor: Australian Outback: Episode Thirteen

I gotta say, that car commercial disguised as a Survivor segment made me gag. Is it just me, or is Pontiac going nuts trying to sell this Aztek car to North Americans? It seems like every giveaway and contest involving a vehicle has this Aztek front and center. It's an ugly-looking car, people, and only tree-hugging freaks give a crap about how you can turn the back end into a tent.

So, with Colby winning every single challenge thrown at these idiots, you have to wonder why the others haven't smothered him in his sleep or something. He even won the challenge designed to challenge their 'intellect'. I put the word 'intellect' in quotes, because... well, you know why. Anyway, once Colby won immunity again, the Tribal Council went as expected. Cute Elisabeth could not be allowed to continue, as she would have wiped the walls with them in the final vote, as she rightly points out in her post-show comments. Now it's down to Colby, Keith, and Tina. Here's how I see it playing out:

If Colby wins the last immunity challenge, he will vote off Tina, because he is well aware that Keith is far less popular. Colby wins.

If Tina wins the last immunity challenge, she will vote off Colby, again because of Keith's lack of popularity. Tina wins.

If Keith wins the last immunity challenge, he'll vote off Colby, because he knows the Colbster's the man. I'm not sure Keith realizes that he's got little hope of winning, but he's got to believe his best chance is with Tina; maybe Tina lied to a couple members of the jury, and that will come out to haunt her. Otherwise, Tina wins.

Given that there are three possible scenarios, and two of them result in wins for Tina, the odds are definitely favouring Tina. However, Colby's winning streak is a factor, so we'll see how it works out.


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