Friday, August 03, 2001

E! Online News - GLAAD Strikes Back at "Silent Bob"

GLAAD is upset because there are some jokes about gays in the upcoming film, 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back', the next movie from the brilliantly profane Kevin Smith.

This is the culture that we're in, which won't allow you to make fun of anything without having to apologize for it. I think that when you make it your job to try and find defamatory and hateful comments in everything you read and hear, perspective is lost. GLAAD is a fine organization, but ragging on Kevin Smith seems more like a ploy for publicity than anything else, especially after Kevin agreed to donate money to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. GLAAD believes that the target audience for 'Jay and Silent Bob' cannot tell the difference between a joke and an intentional slur. I imagine they also believe that this same target audience thinks the Earth is flat. If there's anything that drives me up the wall, it's this constant underestimation of the public by self-interested organizations. Yeah, okay, gay-bashing still goes on. It's a tragedy. But you know what? In a hundred years, you'll be able to collect all the homophobes of America in a single room, 'cause that's how few of them will be left. Progress is constantly being made, and with each generation, bigotry and intolerance is slowly giving way to understanding and tolerance.

So, GLAAD - yank that stick out of your ass, okay?


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