Monday, July 16, 2001 - Rogge wins top Olympics job - July 16, 2001

Canadian Dick Pound was in the running for this job, but since he actually has integrity, it was immediately obvious that he has no place among these thieves and grifters. Why he continues to work for the IOC is beyond me. I mean, Pound was the guy tapped to investigate the bribery scandals surrounding Salt Lake City, and he was the guy who meted out the resulting punishment. What did he get in return? The cold shoulder from most of the IOC members, apparently because he did his job too well - he actually found the money-grubbing assholes. I hear Rogge is a spineless functionary who will do whatever Juan Antonio Samaranch wants, so I guess Juan is still running things. Wonderful. May the bribery and grifting continue unabated...


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