Wednesday, June 20, 2001 Larry Walker Statistics Splits

For those baseball fans, I just wanted to point this out:

I love Larry Walker; he's on my fantasy baseball team, he's Canadian, and he's got a hockey/all-or-nothing attitude that you just have to admire. As well, he's got an MVP award and has hit like a maniac over the last five years.

However... This page has Walker's stats over the last three years split up in various ways.

Check out the difference between how he hit at home (Coors Field) versus the road (everywhere else). At Coors Field, he batted .419 with an eye-popping .767 slugging percentage. On the road, he batted a more mortal .285 with a .475 slugging percentage. This is the effect playing for Colorado has: it makes good players into immortals. Can you imagine how many home runs Mark McGwire would hit if he played half his games at Coors Field? Sammy Sosa? Barry Bonds?


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