Thursday, May 31, 2001 - Police investigate whether Bush daughters tried to buy alcohol - May 30, 2001

This sounds like a plotline on 'The West Wing', doesn't it? How dumb do these First Daughters have to be, to think that they could get away with flashing a fake I.D. when they're the daughters of the friggin' President? Even worse, how dumb do they have to be to forget that they've got a Secret Service agent right there, ready and possibly willing to buy alcohol for them? (Okay, that might be stretching things a bit, but still...) I'll tell you this, though - a Secret Service agent doesn't look like anyone except a Secret Service agent, and any bartender worth his or her salt would have noticed the agent first and put two and two together in about three seconds.

Then again, I guess Daddy's liquor cabinet was several states away at the time, so what is a teenager to do?


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