Friday, June 22, 2001


The headline for this story reads: 'Internet Rife With Film Pirates'.

Wow, nothing gets by the New York Times. Next they'll let us in on that whole 'Smoking Is Bad For You' thing.

Then the story doesn't even bother to mention that these pirated films have the kind of video and audio quality that makes VHS look like the friggin' Holodeck. Hollywood can get all excited about this if they want to, but it doesn't matter, because these pirated films are shit. (The quality of the video, not the movies themselves... although a case could be made either way, I guess) Nobody's going to be satisfied with watching a grainy, blurry copy of Tomb Raider on their 17" monitor; they'll go to the theater or buy the DVD if they really care. At this time, there is no real danger of DVD-quality movies being pirated, because they're too damn huge (3-4 GB at least). But let's make sure the dumbass media continues to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) with gleeful abandon, okay?


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