Friday, January 04, 2002

Corona's Test Pattern - Scoops & News

Quote: " It appears that the behemoth rental chain that fought the DVD age is now fighting widescreen DVDs. Blockbuster is attempting to use its considerable influence on DVD producers to release more full-frame or dual sided, widescreen and full-frame discs, rather than stock their shelves with the widescreen versions that are presently available. Their reasoning is that a large number of their customers prefer the full-frame aspect ratio over the widescreen aspect ratio. With its large purchasing power and considerable home-video market share, any move by Blockbuster that artificially inflates the appearance of interest in full-frame DVDs could curtail the present resurgence of the widescreen format. "

Leave it to Blockbuster, the only video rental chain who has admitted to editing the content of some films in the name of consumer happiness, to fuck up the widescreen campaign. People, the widescreen format is the best way to see a film. Why? Because you're seeing the film as it was presented in the theaters. You're seeing the entire film as the director intended you to see it. The full-frame format, or pan-and-scan, cuts off the sides to fit the television ratio, and so as a viewer, you're losing 20-40% of the original screen size. Why would you want that? Sure, the widescreen format 'looks' smaller, but that's because the ratio is different. Most people have at least a 25" television, which is plenty big enough to see a widescreen movie without squinting.

So I hope Blockbuster gets the stink-eye from DVD producers on this one.


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