Friday, February 16, 2001

Survivor: Australian Outback: Episode Four

Well, we finally got to see what happens when the Tribal Council vote is a tie - they vote again! :) Mitchell obviously knew he was screwed, so that's why he had that noble little speech where he told his tribe members to support Keith instead of him. (You're still a lazy punk, Mitch)
Michael kills a pig, and didn't it seem to you that he was working out some of his frustrations on the porker? Animal activists are, predictably, up in arms, and Kucha's resident idiot, Kimmi, was all in tears, calling her teammates a 'sick tribe'. It's called the food chain, honey. Deal with it. Well, her time in the Outback is limited at best.
I think Colby is probably the smartest of the whole bunch. He knows what his strategy is, his support is being sought after by everybody, and he can dance around people with remarkable skill. Colby threw his lot in with Keith and Tina because he knew that the real competition for him is Jerri and Amber. That's why Jerri is so scared - she knows if she doesn't have Colby's support, she's history. Amber doesn't seem to do or say much of anything, so of course she'll stick around for a while.
Have you noticed how toned Alicia's and Elisabeth's midriffs are? What, do they do 500 sit-ups every morning or something? Britney Spears would kill for rippled stomachs like theirs.


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