Friday, February 09, 2001

Survivor: Australian Outback: Episode Three - Dog Day Afternoon

Despite her best efforts at resurrecting memories of Rudy, Maralyn Hershey found several knives in her back last night at Tribal Council. I have to say, the next idiot that says he/she trusts somebody should be the next one to be voted off. "Oh, Tina and I have really bonded..." says Maralyn, and that's when Tina boots you off with all the ceremony of a dog trying to shake off a flea.
There are two reasons to vote a person off at this point:
a) liability in the challenges - Maralyn couldn't keep up, and if I were that old guy Rodger Bingham, I'd start packing right now, too
b) getting rid of the competition - Jerri thought that Kel was competition to her, so she orchestrated his departure. Who's next?
At this point, Ogakor Tribe has lost most of the dead weight, and should do well in the athletic competitions for the next few episodes. Kucha Tribe still has the old guy, Rodger, and the soft blabbermouth, Kimmi, to slow them down. Obviously Kucha has some Tribal Council visits in their future to streamline their tribe.
Ogakor's next move will be to get rid of some competition, and since nobody has anything good to say about the erstwhile chef, Keith, he's in the most danger. It'll really start getting interesting when the tribes merge, because the contestants will know that the people they vote off will end up voting in the last Tribal Council, and you don't want to make too many enemies (see Kelly Wiglesworth).


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