Friday, February 02, 2001

I wonder how ugly Survivor II is going to get. Last night, we saw Kel get the unceremonious boot from his tribe of whiny, bitchy teammates, and it seems like the impetus of this tribal decision was an accusation made by Jerri that Kel was chewing on some unshared beef jerky. What is disappointing is that

a) none of the other tribe members seemed to suspect that Jerri could have been lying to make Kel look bad, and

b) Kel seemed to be the only one in the tribe with any integrity.

I'll bet Kel is fuming this morning after he saw how he was so viciously stabbed in the back. It's funny, because it took several episodes before the original Survivor castaways got to this level of screwing each other. All I know is that the sooner Jerri is gone, the better. Doesn't she understand that no matter how stupid her tribe is, they will eventually figure out what a lying, scheming bitch she is? Richard Hatch played the game, but he was subtle enough that few of the losers felt like they were personally betrayed. Jerri lacks this subtlety, and it'll cost her in the end. The biggest irony is that Jerri wanted to be a Survivor contestant because she's an 'aspiring actress', and she wanted the exposure to get some work. Well, guess what, Jerri? When Hollywood sees what a backstabber you are, who's going to want to work with you? Try nobody, honey. I hope you like working as a waitress, 'cause that's your career path from this point onward.


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