Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Ever notice that the interest rate on personal chequing and savings accounts at most banks are so small that in an average month, you're lucky to earn more than a penny in interest? Yet over a 25 year mortgage, the average homeowner ends up paying twice the original value of the house, which means that the bank makes a 100% profit on it. So with all these banks making record profits, they can't give their customers a break? I thought that our government was supposed to protect us from such blatant, callous profiteering. What would be the harm in lowering mortgage rates by 2-3 percentage points across the board? So what if the bank makes a little less profit? It puts money back in the hands of the consumers, who can then invest it, or buy stuff like cars and DVD players and braces for their kids. If the economy really does slow down into a recession, I plan on blaming the banks for hammering people with such unnecessarily high debtloads, all in the name of greater profits for the rich folks.


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