Monday, April 30, 2001

BBC News | MEDIA REPORTS | China internet cafe debate heats up

Quote: "Up to 15% of children in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are now said to be using the cafes. China announced two weeks ago that no new internet cafes would be approved for three months while the authorities re-registered existing cafes and carried out large-scale checks on their activities. As part of the crackdown, the authorities in Anshan in the north-east province of Liaoning installed "information purifiers" in more than a third of the city's 240 internet cafes - software denying users access to pornographic web sites."

Once again, porn is used as the excuse to censor internet access for young people. Having said that, though, I believe China's efforts will be as successful as a homeless guy trying to find leftovers in Roseanne's garbage. The great thing about knowledge is that it wants to be free, out in the open where it can get some sun and fresh air. The internet is the world's knowledge tree, where everybody can start climbing, no matter where or who they are. China's government can try and limit access all they want, but the kids will still find a way, God bless 'em, and as long as there are hackers and crackers in the world, there will always be a way for those kids to find.


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