Friday, April 15, 2005

'Webster' Actor Gets Warning for Speeding

Kirk said Lewis, who lives in the Atlanta area, was probably unfamiliar with the road and didn't realize there were speed-limit changes.

Yeah, that's it. Or maybe it was because he's a little dwarf who can't see over the steering wheel? What the hell is Webster driving that he can see anything at all? It's bad enough they allow little old ladies (who have shrunken so much you can measure their height with a ruler) access to our roadways. I just wish they had a picture of his ride to go along with this story. And how about the police officer that pulled him over? Didn't he think some kid stole a car for a joyride? He lets him off with a warning. "Yeah, uh, Mr. Lewis, next time could you have someone over four feet driving your car? Thanks."


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