Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One current trend that I find irritating is this marketing concept that middle-aged fat guys can get hot chicks. The best example of this is the television show 'King of Queens', in which middle-aged fat guy Kevin James is married to the yummy Leah Remini. In real life, this doesn't happen unless the guy is either rich or hung like Liam Neeson. James plays a UPS driver, so his character ain't rich, and I haven't heard any references to equipment size on the show, so I doubt he's got much going on. This fantasy needs to end. Fat is the new ugly, at least for men. Now, fat girls can get laid, but that's because women in general control the sexual situation, and since the number of men who want to get laid is greater than the number of like-minded women, demand outstrips supply. Therefore, some guys will take whatever they can get. I see fat chicks with skinny guys all the time. The reverse is almost never true. Now, I'm not complaining per se - personally, I got lucky. But let's be real here - there is more pressure for fat men to lose weight than for fat women because fat men have less options available to them. Which is why when that fat pill finally hits the market, move over Viagra, we've got a new blockbuster drug in town.


Anonymous Algicide said...

I would say that, in general, women are a lot less superficial than men. I see plenty of dumpy guys with women who are way out of their league all the time. That's not to say I don't see the reverse as well, but I don't think that one trumps the other, at least in my experience.

As a matter of fact, from what I have seen, the fat girl/skinny guy scenario is a lot more likely to be chalked up to insecurity on the part of the guy than the reverse situation. This is from a dating perspective completely, though. When you factor in one night stands and the like, the rules change completely.

5:43 PM  
Blogger stonedog said...

To clarify, Algicide...

Do you mean that the skinny guy has the insecurity issues, so he dates fat girls?

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Algicide said...

I'm saying that appearance is much more likely to be a huge factor for men than it is for women. That's not to say that skinny guys who date fat girls are always insecure, only to say that I think it's much more likely to be the case than when the skinny girl dates the fat guy.

6:02 AM  

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