Thursday, April 21, 2005

Report: Affleck and Garner Engaged
I like Affleck, at least the person named Affleck who shows up for Kevin Smith movies and poker tournaments. I'm not so much about the Affleck who thinks he's an action star. Still, while I'm happy for the guy that he's on his way to tying the knot with yet another Maxim calendar girl... Click on that link above and look at the picture provided. Does he not look like the goofiest motherfucker? Start with the hair, which looks like he's overcompensating with Rogaine. Then you've got the expression on his face, which can only be described with the corresponding thought balloon: "Huh, there are people with cameras here. Wonder why?" He's not a dumb guy by any means but Affleck has his moments when he acts like an idiot savant. He has limited skills, and it's no accident that Matt Damon was the lead in 'Good Will Hunting'.


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