Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Saw the Star Wars movie, and I have only one real nitpick (the movie itself is worth the price of admission). What is Lucas' obsession with open heights? Nearly every scene has a precipitous drop close at hand, and there are no frickin' railings! There's one scene where Obi-Wan boards his little space cruiser thing at Padme's pad, and it reminded me of a boat tied up at a dock. Except that if you fall off a dock, you land in water. You fall off Padme's dock, you're falling for a long frigging time. Most of the lightsaber fights are staged at great heights, and I understand that from the point of view of trying to create extra tension, but this universe is the most dangerous one I've ever seen. I can't imagine any unions allowing their members to work in such conditions, and just think of the cost of life insurance!


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