Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kevin Spacey to Appear in Reality Show

Now the actor-director will take on the role of mentor to showbiz interns in "Going Hollywood," a new eight-part TLC reality series... Spacey will be joined by producer Robert Evans and rapper-actor Method Man.

Spacey is an odd bird to begin with - is he gay, is he straight, is he Canadian, what's the deal? But then you pair him up with Method Man... What, to bring in the urban audience? This is airing on TLC. Only gays, home improvement nerds, and the elderly watch TLC. And what the fuck is TLC doing another reality series for, anyway? Don't we have more than enough of these? I watch TV to escape reality, okay? I'm not looking for more reality, I get plenty of that. I watch Lost and CSI and the Simpsons and I won't watch one more 'confessional' moment with some 'real' person. The irony is that these reality shows are as fake as professional wrestling, just as scripted, just as carefully edited, just as much of a joke. It's almost as bad as these 'Celebrity Home Game' poker shows. Yeah, they're pulling in those celebrities from all four corners, aren't they? Look, I'm an admitted entertainment junkie, but if I can't recognize half the celebrities at an eight-person poker table, then they aren't celebrities. They don't even make the D-list. Get them off my screen. Where's George Clooney, for Christ's sake?


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