Thursday, December 08, 2005

Open And Shut - 10 Unanswered 9/11 Questions

Of all the questions, the one that interests me the most is: How did the twin towers fall? As the writer says:

The lessons learned from the WTC collapse will inform decisions about the safety of other modern office towers.

We're still waiting for a more definitive computer simulation that explains the complete collapse of both towers. Demolition experts couldn't have brought down those towers any more efficiently, so you have to wonder just what the hell happened? Did terrorists find a way to insert strategically-placed bombs to make sure the towers were completely destroyed? Why were so many firefighters sent into the towers when most of the victims were above the crash zone and impossible to rescue? Why did it take so long to realize the towers were going to fall?

There are some elements of the twin towers that echo the Oklahoma City bombing, not the least of which is the strong evidence that suggests that in both cases, a significant number of people did not show up to work on those days. Was there some warning or tip-off?


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