Tuesday, February 28, 2006

CBS News | Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low | February 28, 2006

34 percent. Oh, and 58 percent of Republicans think the Dubai port deal is a mistake.

I watched 'Good Night, and Good Luck' last night, the movie about the conflict between Edward R. Murrow and Senator McCarthy. It was a reminder of a time when people actually trusted journalists, instead of thinking they're just as full of shit as the politicians they cover. When Murrow told you the truth, you believed it. Now, if Tom Brokaw told you the truth, you'd wonder if it was the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God. I think that those in the media - and I mean the real media, not Fox News - know that they've done an absolutely shitty job the last couple of decades, and an astoundingly horrible job the last six years. They know the Bush administration lied to Americans many times; they know the War in Iraq had no justification beyond 'Let's Get Saddam'; they know Americans shouldn't be torturing anybody, nor should they be denying anyone their civil rights; they know the government shouldn't be eavesdropping without a warrant, even from a rubber-stamp court like the FISA court. They know these things, but they have not been reporting them. They have not been making them news. The reasons for this are not truly important, because there is still time to change, to ask forgiveness, to make up for their past sins. It's hard to admit when you've done wrong. It's hard to admit that the neocons used you like a two-dollar-whore to beat the drum for war.

Here's what I'd like to see:

Get the most prominent newscasters and journalists in the country together for a single, multi-network broadcast. I'm talking Brokaw and Rather and Koppel and Stossel and Bradley and Williams. Throw in Stone Phillips and Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace. Each of the three networks will get equal air time, and what I'd like them to do is go through, point by point, in simple, clear language, the lies that the Bush administration has told. Expose the bullshit. Take everything they've ignored for the last six years and cast a spotlight on it. And at the end, apologize to the American public and the world for not doing their jobs. Acknowledge that 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' does a better job of holding the powerful accountable than they do. Promise that corporate interests will no longer compromise journalistic ethics.


We're suckers for the truth, you know. All we want is someone to have the balls to give it to us.


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