Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crooks and Liars » Bong Hits For Jesus

Crooks and Liars » Bong Hits For Jesus

I wish I could say that this Supreme Court ruling surprises me, but of course it doesn't. The best part is that the student unfurled his banner across the street from the high school. He wasn't even on school grounds, so how does a principal have the authority to do anything to the student? As for 'advocating drug use', the banner clearly states "Bong Hits For Jesus". Not for anyone else - just Jesus. I'm also not clear on the specifics of how it's not free speech - instead of a banner, what if the group of students simply chanted 'Bong Hits for Jesus'? Is that also not allowed? What's the difference? If anything, considering America's literacy rate, the chanting would reach more people.

And I don't know if anyone's paid attention to popular culture over the last couple decades, but if you can prevent a kid from saying 'Bong Hits for Jesus', is America going to also prevent Snoop Dogg from rapping about weed? Are the reefer scenes in such popular movies as '40 Year Old Virgin' going to be removed? Where's the line here? What line?

What if the banner had said "Bush is on crack - what are you waiting for?" or "Look out, Cheney's got a gun!" What if the student had unfurled the banner on his front lawn? Does the principal still get to suspend him? How in the fuck did this even get to the Supreme Court, anyway? Oh right - to score cheap political points with the religious right nutbags and die-hard brainless right-wingers. To be clear, I'm not calling all right-wingers brainless. Just the ones that think "Bong Hits for Jesus" is anything other than a juvenile attempt at pothead humor.


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