Monday, March 23, 2009

Fox News mocks Canadian military

As Canadians mourn the loss of four more fallen soldiers in Afghanistan, a videotaped segment of an American TV talk show where panelists mock Canadian soldiers as slackers is making the rounds on the Internet.

The five-minute segment, which aired recently on Fox News late-night program Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and later posted on, features American panelists suggesting Canadian soldiers need time off for "manicures and pedicures."

Because to Fox News, 'Support the Troops' means Support American Troops, while everyone else's troops can go fuck themselves. I know it makes me glad to think of all the Canadians that fought and died in Afghanistan so that their efforts can be mocked by right-wing assholes who sit safely in comfortable chairs half a world away. You know what, America? Fuck you. It's time we left anyway. If this is how you treat your friends, well, how many friends do you have left?

I don't want Obama or anyone else demanding an apology from Fox News because, quite frankly, a forced apology is as meaningless as a conservative's compassion. And besides, given how America tends to get all caught up in herself, I doubt she even notices our outrage. So, again, fuck you, America. Oh, and you suck at baseball too. Ha!


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