Thursday, May 03, 2001 - Entertainment - Cruise sues porn actor over claims of affair - May 3, 2001

One of the long-standing Hollywood rumors has been that Tom Cruise is gay. I suspect the rumor began out of petty jealousy; sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that a guy could be that good-looking. There are many other actors that are handsome, though, and we never hear rumors about them, so what's the deal?

Perhaps the problem is that Cruise takes the rumor so seriously. If you went up to George Clooney and suggested that he might be gay, George would laugh good-naturedly. If you went up to Tom Cruise with the same suggestion, he'd be on the phone to his lawyer before you finished the sentence. This kind of forceful denial tends to suggest a deep-rooted psychological problem - is there something about himself that he doesn't want to face?

Now we have a gay porn actor claiming he had an affair with Tommy-boy several months ago. Of course, Cruise is suing. But you'd think the gay porn actor would have known that a lawsuit was coming, so why tell a lie? To get more work? Lawsuits don't convince anybody; all they do is make people question your motives. If Cruise isn't gay, why not just publicly say that this porn star is an idiot, and be done with it? If Cruise is gay, then suing the porn star is your best move because he's hoping to bankrupt the guy with lawyer's fees, which will force him to settle out of court with a public apology.

I'm not saying Cruise is gay, and I understand why he wouldn't want it to be public if he was gay, but he's already rich and famous, and if he is gay, his behaviour is perpetuating the 'stay in the closet' stereotype. Hardly the best way to promote tolerance and understanding. Of course, now that I've said all this, I'll probably get sued.


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