Monday, June 06, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Same-Sex Unions - Yahoo! News

Pope Benedict XVI condemned same-sex unions as anarchic "pseudo-matrimony" Monday and reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to abortion.

Up until the last century or so, most Christian marriages were arranged and represented little more than property transactions. I understand the Catholic Church's need to keep imposing its Dark Ages views on the rest of us sinners (it's a need rooted in their fear of irrelevancy), but it's unfortunate that they still have enough influence to affect people's lives. I don't know why some people are afraid of homosexuality, or why it's important to them to prevent other human beings from experiencing the same joys and freedoms that they enjoy.

I guess when you've spent the last two millenia trying desperately to keep women in their place, burning people at the stake for being 'unbelievers', and converting foreign cultures to your unique brand of religion (hey, kids, just about everything you do is a sin, and unless you go to church and confess on a regular basis, you're going to hell! But God loves you! Really, he does! No, I'm not joking.), letting gays have their way on something just can't be tolerated.

I'm anxiously awaiting further announcements from the new Pope, as he continues to enforce the hard-line dogma that most of the planet assiduously ignores. Hey, maybe he'll bring back that old chestnut, "Don't eat meat on Fridays!" That'll be a huge hit with McDonald's.


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