Monday, June 13, 2005

Current Weather Conditions for Kitchener, Ontario

The past week has been one of the hottest and muggiest on record here in Southern Ontario, especially for a week in June. The humidex reading at midday has been around 100 degrees for eight days straight, and after playing a golf tournament on Saturday, I can tell you that a hundred degrees kicks your ass pretty handily. If it wasn't for air conditioning, I don't know if I could have lived through it, but the house my wife and I just bought doesn't have A/C, so I suspect for the first week or so of living there, I'm going to lose 10-20 pounds of water weight. We move in on June 30th to take advantage of the long weekend, and I can't wait. Our current landlord is both incompetent and ignorant, and I feel a little sorry for those who are remaining in the building. But with interest rates so low, deals are out there, so why wouldn't you try and get a house and have that monthly payment work for you instead of against you?


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